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Friday 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 3:00 PM Р6:00 PM


Lawrence Lake 2016 Music Schedule

5/27/16- Friday-Joe Cody

5/28/16-Saturday-Cheap Charlie

5/29/16-Sunday-Joe Cody

5/30/16-Memorial Day (No Music)

6/3/16-Friday Joe Cody

6/4/16-Saturday-DanVan & The Ravens

6/5/16-Sunday-Joe Cody

6/10/16-Friday-Cheap Charlie

6/11/16-Saturday-Shay Cody & Brianna

6/12/16-Sunday-Shawn O & Luke

6/17/16-Friday-Joe Cody

6/18/16-Saturday-DanVan & The Ravens

6/19/16-Sunday-Joe Cody

6/24/16-Friday-Joe Cody

6/25/16-Saturday-Ryan Howe

6/26/16-Sunday-Shawn O & Luke

7/1/16-Friday-Jake Olson & Sons

7/2/16-Saturday-Cheap Charlie

7/3/16-Sunday-Dan Van & The Ravens & Joe Cody

7/4/16- No music

7/8/16-Friday-Joe Cody

7/9/16-Saturday-Ryan Howe

7/10/16-Sunday-Shawn O & Luke

7/15/16-Friday-Brian Reed

7/16/16-DanVan & The Ravens

7/17/16-Sunday-Joe Cody

7/22/16-Friday-Joe Cody

7/23/16-Saturday  Steve Carlie

7/24/16-Sunday-Jake Olson & Sons

7/29/16-Friday-Cheap Charlie

7/30/16-Saturday-Ryan Howe

7/31/16-Sunday-Tom Conrad

8/5/16-Friday Shawn O & Luke

8/6/16-Saturday Brian Reed

8/7/16-Sunday-DanVan & The Ravens

8/12/16-Friday-Joe Cody

8/13/16-Saturday-Mike McAbee

8/14/16-Sunday-Shay Cody & Brianna

8/19/16-Friday-Joe Cody

8/20/16-Saturday-Steve Carlie

8/21/16-Sunday-Ryan Howe

8/26/16-Friday-DanVan & The Ravens

8/27/16-Saturday-Cheap Charlie

8/28/16-Sunday-Joe Cody

9/2/16-Friday-Joe Cody

9/3/16-Saturday-Jake Olson & Sons

9/4/16-Sunday-Joe Cody

9/5/16-Labor Day (No Music)